In February 2014, Cap Energy Plc through its wholly owned subsidiary Sencap Limited acquired a 49% stake in TAOL Djiffere Limited (a subsidiary of Trace Atlantic Oil Limited), the company holding a 90% interest in the Djiffere Offshore Licence. TAOL Djiffere holds a 45.9% interest in the Djiffere Offshore Licence and is the operating partner. Petrosen, the national oil company, has a 10% carry during the first exploration period.
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Location: Block Djiffere Offshore licence area covers 4,459 km2 in shallow waters of the Senegal (Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Bissau-Conakry) Basin.

Operational Phase: Early Exploration

Activity to Date: Total of 6 2D seismic surveys conducted between 1963 and 1985:
-  BP (1963 and 1965)
-  Esso (1969 and 1971)
-  Ocelot Senegal (1982 and 1985).

Activity Status: 2D Seismic programme commenced April 2014 for the acquisition of a 4,000 km full fold 2D survey by Dolphin Geophysical AS.

Notes: Block Djiffere shares similar structural style and evolution with adjacent Block Rufisque Offshore (operated by Cairn Energy; two-well drilling campaign commenced April 2014).

Operator: Trace Atlantic Oil Djiffere Limited

Project Partners: Trace Atlantic Oil Djiffere Limited (45.9%); Sencap Limited (44.1%); Petrosen (10%)
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